I need (4) 2" dark brown wooden window blinds in good condition with hardware. Measurements: 35" wide. Check this out: https://www.selectblinds.com/woodblinds/2-inch-artisan-american-hardwood-blinds.html?ColorId=6954
First move in over 15 years. I flipped out when I saw moving costs these days. I am in dire need of a 42" tb box and 4 large frame boxes. All sturdy boxes would be appreciated. Thank you.
In need of a working refrigerator. Mine just stopped working & I can't afford the repairs
My church needs a flat screen TV with HDMI port to project images for Sunday School classes. It needs to be light enough that a small woman can move it. Thank you.
I need a 77" or longer countertop for my Kitchen. approx. 24" depth. also a Stainless steel sink if possible. TY, Tony tony
I need a reclining type lounge chair for the beach hopefully in great condition. So if your have one lying around that you're not using that's in great condition please give me a call. Thanks, 727-692-9734
Looking for Steamer baskets for cooking. If you have one taking up space I could take it off your hands. Any condition will not be refused.
Desperately needed soon for my son's wedding. The old folks and fair-skinned guests will truly appreciate for his beach wedding.
Hi Guys I am in need of the wood that goes between the windshield trim and the windshield post on the inside of a 1935 or 1936 cabriolet, I don't know if any other body style wood will work. Even if I could use a pattern of one would be ok. Thanks ahead of time. Ron.
I am in need of a queen bed and some furniture livingroom and dinette set